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Hi friends,

As many of you know, I am a native of Woodstock, NY, home to a long history of artists and musicians inspired by the power and beauty of the Catskill Mountains. And while I have long followed in the the tradition of those who loved these mountains before me, I plan to continue to do so in a new and “untraditional” way!

As a member of Simi Space you can join me in continuing this legacy by supplying ongoing support to me and my craft while gaining inside access to my process, allowing me to confidently carve out a path on this journey of art and music!

each month, I plan to:

  • Record and release one song made with producer David Baron

  • Create a unique piece of visual art inspired by this song

  • Release a music video to accompany this song

monthly members of Simi Space will receive:

  • Early access to stream and download each month’s song before the general public

  • A framable collector’s edition print of the artwork inspired by the song, numbered and autographed (for subscribers of $25 or more)

  • First-look viewing of the music video accompanying the song

  • Other Simi Space perks along the way!

Monthly pricing for Simi Space is pay-what-you-can with a suggested monthly donation of $25. If you choose to donate less, that’s totally cool! Just please know that unfortunately, we can’t print and mail artwork to donors of less than $25/month.

Thank you for your continued love and support!


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Become a member of Simi Space

Join me on my journey! Below, please select your membership level. Note that all members receive access to the music, the video, and the webcast, while subscribers at the $25/mo level and above will also receive a collector’s edition print of the artwork I create each month!

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